Inflammatory Stenosis of the Main Bile Duct: A Case Report

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B. Daif
A. Elkarouachi
R. Boufettal
D. Reguibi
S. R. Jai
F. Chehab


Inflammatory stenosis of the main bile duct is rare and not well characterized. We report a 47-year-old male, in whom obstructive jaundice was caused by inflammatory stenosis of the main bile duct. The patient was admitted due to jaundice and an abdominal ultrasound revealed intrahepatic bile duct dilatation, distended gallbladder and a mass around the main bile duct. MRI revealed the mass in the site. We diagnosed this condition as main bile duct occlusion of unknown origin and considering this as emergency situation, we performed laparotomy. Segmental resection of the main bile duct and jejunal hepatic shunt on Y-branch were performed. Although image analyses suggested a mass lesion, histology confirmed nonspecific cholangitis.

Biliary stenosis, icterus, cholangiocarcinoma.

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Daif, B., Elkarouachi, A., Boufettal, R., Reguibi, D., Jai, S. R., & Chehab, F. (2020). Inflammatory Stenosis of the Main Bile Duct: A Case Report. Asian Journal of Research and Reports in Hepatology, 2(1), 10-13. Retrieved from
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